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"Detroit Live! Audition Update"

Hello everyone

Ensemble Only: For those who submitted on Backstage for the role of an ensemble when auditioning for this role if you're coming from somewhere else in America or if you live in the Atlanta area you have to physically be present to Audition for the role of ensemble.

Performers Only: For my performers who submitted on backstage for the roles of the artists if you're coming from somewhere else in America you will receive a zoom link in your email or a text message for the zoom audition, and for my Atlanta performers you will go to the address that is on your confirmation email unless the address change I will post the new address for the audition if location changes.

Zoom Audition: The Zoom audition's times will be from 12:00pm-2:30pm, this means for those who ever scheduled their audition within these times on the chosen day of audition will join at their time of audition.


CEO and Owner

Jonathan Young

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