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"24 Hours: The Rush to Save Jasmine & Yasmine"

Plot: Its the week of Marques big play-off game the Smith's family are gearing up. But before the big game the Smith's are about to receive some very bad new's about their Twin Daughters Jasmine & Yasmine.

Credit: IMDB Credit

Pay Rate: Flat Rate

Location: Atlanta, GA

Jasmine Smith (LEAD): 14-16 years old, African-American Female, who kind, adventurous, loves to read, play with friends, she along with twin sister Yasmine are being Kidnapped.

Yamsine Smith (LEAD): 14-16 years old, African-American female, who loves to read, and just like her twin sister she is adventurous and loves to play with friends. But Yasmine likes to tease people as well.

Marques Smith (LEAD): 17-19 years old African-American male, who is the star basketball player of his high School, and the eldest son to Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the older brother to Jasmine & Yasmine.

Mr. Smith (LEAD): 30-40 year old African-American male, is a hard working man, loving husband and father to his family.

Mrs. Smith (LEAD): 26-35 years old African-American Female, is a loving wife and mother to her family and will protect her family at any cost.

Detective Jones (LEAD): 35-40 year old African-American male, is highly decorated detective, older brother to Mrs. Smith and who doesn’t seem to like his brother-in-law.

Detective Davis (SUPPORTING): 35-40 years old African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic Male. Is the partner to Detective Jones.

Chief Robinson (SUPPORTING): 45-50 year old Caucasian Male, is the Chief of Police of the River Pool Police Department. And is John Miller Uncle.

John Miller (LEAD): 35-40 year old Caucasian male, is a lonely depress and sad man who thinks in life is to rape and murder little girls.

If Interested please email headshot, age, height, weight, and number.



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