"Casting Alert"

I will be Casting For My new short film "What To Think OF the World" I already have some Characters created the needed to be cast below are some of the characters that I will be auditioning for.

Filming: Late 2021-2022

Compensation: IMDB Credit, copy for Demo Reel

Pay Rate: TBD


Subject Line: “TYP SHORT”

Important information: DO NOT audition if you do not have means of transportation, examples your own car/truck, a relative whom can drop and pick up from auditions.


James Lee: 15-18 year old African-American male, who enjoys playing basketball with his friends and loves reading and playing video games.

Dustin Armstrong: 15-18 year old African-American male, who is very down to earth but not to much, but he loves reading, meditating, exercise and hanging with friends.

Danielle Reyes: 15-18 year old Hispanic/Latina female, who is very out-spoken, high energy and enthusiastic and is always full of joy just don’t get one her bad side.