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Audition Scheduling

Hello everyone

We now have an audition section on our website so you can schedule an audition with me for the role you would like to be cast for.

Audition's are from May 1- Jun1 2021

Times are 12:00pm, 12:35pm, 1:00, 1:35pm, 2:00, 2:35pm

5 Bookings for each time due to COVID-19 Protocol.

when arriving at the location of your scheduled audition please have your headshot and resume ready in hand, also wear your mask. if you can make to you audition please call days before so i can be able to pull you from the scheduled audition and open it for other actors or actresses and you can re-schedule your audition.

Office Number: (678)7404-8439

Work Cell: (470)469-0940

I WILL NOT have video audition.


CEO, Jonathan Young

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